CLEOS Participants

What will I do at the CLEOS lab?

The CLEOS program is about five hours of experiences that have all been found to be uniquely effective in helping creative people choose their future goals. 
1. Whether you are in live or online counseling, you will first take online tests for about an hour.  These are NOT achievement tests, Buzz Feed quizzes, or boring forms. Instead, they are state-of-the-art personality and creativity measures that only licensed psychologists can give, and that ordinarily cost $300 - $500 to take. 
2. You will then meet with two counselors and perhaps other CLEOS participants online or in person to experience a visualization that takes you ten years into your own future.
3. You will have an individual live or online counseling session with one or two counselors, in which you will receive the interpretations of your tests, an opportunity to develop a profile of your creative traits, and a chance to explore some potential pathways.
4. You will have an online or live individual or group session with a counselor to discuss the internal and external barriers to your goals.  These can include internal states like anxiety and depression, or external barriers like experiences of racism, sexism, poverty, or skill deficits as a result of educational gaps. You'll discuss ways of coping with or overcoming these barriers, based on how other creative people with your abilities and traits have surmounted these barriers.
5. You'll get to experience a live session of neurofeedback, using your own brainwaves to identify the flow experience, or an online session of visualization of creative flow states. You'll the complete a Map of the Future, that helps you to figure out the next steps to take today and in the future to reach the day in which you are fulfilling your creative potential and experiencing flow in your daily life.


Over  a thousand high school students, college students, and adults in creative occupations have experienced these same activities, and most havegone on to creative occupations.  Seven years to ten years after participation, CLEOS students went on to such careers as Russian literature translater; independent artist; biomedical engineer; NASA project engineer; retro vaudeville/ circus performer; videogame musician; and leader of nonprofit social action campaign.

Why was I selected for CLEOS?