CLEOS Students

What will I do at the CLEOS lab?

As students arrive for their first experience in the CLEOS lab, there are typically several questions that resonate throughout the group: What are we going to be doing here today? What is this experience all about? What am I going to learn?

While uncertainty about these types of questions can certainly be unsettling, rest assured that the CLEOS experience is a positive one that will provide you with invaluable knowledge about your personality, your creativity, and what activities get you into "flow." Most importantly, however, you can benefit from the experience of our counselors, who will help you integrate all that information into a comprehensive whole that you can use as you face difficult decisions about college, careers, and life in general. The CLEOS experience consists of carefully chosen psychological assessments, a group discussion led by an expert in creativity, a KU campus tour, guided meditation activities, and one-on-one mentoring sessions with one of our counselors.

Why was I selected for CLEOS?